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Dry skin on the face and body is common problem with ageing skin and requires and requires changing our daily routines and skin care products to match our changing skin care needs.

What causes dry skin?

In most of the cases dry skin is caused by environmental factors like excessive heat and cold, natural oil deficiency, low humidity, and low air moisture. However, ageing is another factor contributing in dry skin. Sun damage can also cause our skin elastin fiber to breakdown resulting our skin as dried, wrinkled and tired. It may also be caused by certain health conditions such as eczema, dehydration and diabetes.


How to get rid of dry skin?

Getting rid of dry skin is all about enriching the skin with natural proteins and compounds that gives the skin healthy and glowing look. This needs extra care by choosing surgical and non-surgical treatments including choosing best skin care products to repair the dry, dehydrated and damaged skin. It can be further enhanced by choosing cosmeceutical skincare ranges.

Cosmeceuticals for dry skin
Cosmeceuticals involves “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical” the product that embarks active potential to bring about the visible change to the skin backed by clinical evidence. It involves the deeper penetration into the skin where elastin and cellular activities take place.
How do cosmeceuticals reduce dry skin?
Cosmeceuticals involve higher concentration of active ingredients that nourish and thicken the skin with certain elements including vitamin C serum and vitamin A, which are best in giving enough nutrition to the skin and giving young and healthy look.

Dry Skin Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan for Face

Risk Factors Associated with Dry Skin

Nowadays, dry skin patches on face is the problem of anyone. If you have had any skin problems previously, you may be more likely to develop this condition. And for that, you need proper dry skin treatment in Lahore, Pakistan later on.

Risk Factors Associated with Dry Skin

Nowadays, dry skin patches on face is the problem of anyone. If you have had any skin problems previously, you may be more likely to develop this condition. And for that, you need proper dry skin treatment later on.

The risk increases of dry skin are more;

  • If you live in a low–humidity climate or a very cold environment.
  • If you are doing any job that requires water in touches, such as nursing and hairstyling.
  • If you often swim in chlorinated pools and many more

Moreover, the risk factor increases with age. That means if you are in your 40’s, there are more than 50% chances of dry skin compared to adults.

How to get rid of dry skin patches on your face?
Getting rid of dry skin means enriching the skin with natural compounds and proteins, which help it retain its moisture and tautness. Remember that dry, dehydrated skin needs more care and proper dry skin treatment for the face.
Moreover, nowadays, non-surgical skin-boosting treatments can motivate collagen within the skin to repair itself. That collagen can also rejuvenate the skin. In addition, the cosmeceutical skincare processes can also stimulate these skin improvements to some extent.

Dry Skin Complications

Dry skin is primarily harmless, but if you do not take dry skin treatment soon, it may lead to severe skin problems like:

Atopic dermatitis (Eczema)

If you develop this condition, this severe dryness can lead to many other skin diseases showing symptoms like redness, inflammation, cracking on the skin, and many more.


When skin is dry, it may crack. These cracks then allow bacteria to enter, which causes further skin infections.
Thus, when your skin’s standard protective mechanisms are disturbed, these complications are most likely to occur. In addition, severely dry skin patches on face can make deep cracks, opening and providing a space for invading bacteria; those cracks may even bleed.

Preventions of Dry Skin

From preventing excessive dry skin, the tips given below can be helpful for you. They are feasible dry skin treatment at home remedies


Moisturizer covers the skin to keep water from escaping and thus prevent dehydration.

Limit Water Exposure

Keep bath and shower time to 10 minutes or less. Don’t take a bath more than once a day. Don’t use hot water for the shower. 

Skip The Drying Soap

Try cleansing creams, shower gels, and gentle skin cleansers with added moisturizers for washing purposes.

Cover Yourself

Cover your skin as much as possible in cold or windy weather. During winter and autumn, wear a hat, gloves, or scarves when you go out because a low humid environment can cause dryness to your skin

Wear Rubber Gloves

While doing water or harsh cleansers, make sure you wear gloves. They will significantly protect your skin from various issues.

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When to see the best Dermatologist of Lahore Pakistan for dry skin ?

Most cases of dehydrated skin usually respond well to the above-mentioned home remedies and lifestyle changes. You may have to see a reliable skin specialist for dry skin treatment for face when :

  1. Your skin condition does not improve despite employing all the home remedies.
  2. Your dehydrated skin is somehow accompanied by redness
  3. Itching and dry skin interfere with your routine sleeping.
  4. You have infections and open pores from scratching of dry skin peels.
  5. You have large areas of dry skin scaling and many more.


How do I make a booking?

The best skin care center in Lahore, Pakistan, the Cosmetique Clinic, has a unique online booking system. That means anyone can easily book an appointment with our best skin specialists or dermatologists anytime, anywhere. Just clock on the tab present on the top right-hand side of our official website and select your most suitable time and date. Or, you can call our patient portal number 03-111-077-111 to confirm your booking.

Does Cosmetique accepts health insurance plans ?

Yes, many of our reliable patients are observed, diagnosed, and given their required dry skin treatment under their health insurance plan. However, if you are not sure about being covered under your health insurance plan, we suggest you call your insurer first to find out your claws. Then if you will need the assistance of our professionals, our team experts will rightly be there for your needs. They may also guide you regarding the necessary paperwork for this setup before starting the treatment.

Are weekend and evening appointments available at Cosmetique?

Yes, the Cosmetique clinic runs 24 hours from Monday to Saturday. Our specialist doctors and nurses work in three basic time slots:

  • Morning: 9:00am – 11:15am
  • Afternoon: 1:30pm – 4:15pm
  • Evening: 4:30pm – 7:15pm

You can make your appointment at any time that suits you the best. In case you can’t come in any of these slots and need a particular time, then it is better to call our reception team, who will be later able to assist you well.

Unfortunately, our Sundays are closed, but you may check our routine on the website; we may open the clinic on Sunday occasionally.

Can my GP refer me to any skin specialist here?

Yes, any of your GPs can directly refer you as a patient here. The reference will significantly reduce your waiting time to see the best dermatologists in Lahore, Pakistan, serving at the Cosmetique clinic. Once you are registered with us as a reliable client, we will keep your GP surgery updated with your future progress by sending you a message or email after each visit you have with us to keep them informed.

Will the Cosmetique professionals provide me with any personal medication if I need it?

Yes, the very famous Cosmetique clinic owns its own pharmacy. Whether you require oral or topical medications, you can immediately get them from our pharmacists. After buying medicines, you can also ask them about their usage, benefits, and possible side effects. That means you can start your dry skin treatment even before leaving the clinic.

Will you provide any personal medication should I need them?

The London Dermatology Centre houses its own pharmacy. Should you require any oral or topical medications we can supply these to you immediately. This is also useful when talking you through how to use them. It also means you can start your treatment before you leave this clinic.

Can I choose a dermatologist or skin specialist according to my own choice?

Can I choose a dermatologist or skin specialist according to my own choice?

What about our appointment cancellation policy?

The famous Cosmetique Dry Skin Dermatology Centre is run by the best dermatologists and skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan. Their time is very valuable, so we ask you again and again to confirm your booking. According to our cancellation policy, if you want to cancel or reschedule your dry skin treatment appointment, you should inform at least 24-hours beforehand.


Moreover, we keep a bit of treatment payment as a security fee to schedule your time with your concerned skin specialist. That fee will be included in the overall cost of dry skin treatment if you choose to go ahead. Otherwise, we may retain your payment if you do not inform us of your delays. But on cancellation, there is no refunding policy.


Our team of dermatologists are committed to provide advanced techniques to diagnose and treat an array of skin conditions, hair and scalp disorders and skin cancers.

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Dry Skin Treatment at Dry Skin Dermatology Centre

Primarily the dryness of the skin can be controlled by various lifestyle measures. These generally include

  1. moisturizing your skin
  2. avoiding hot water showers
  3. reducing the time of long baths
  4. keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids
  5. Avoiding direct sunlight and heat absorption, and many more

However, in a few cases, the best skin specialists of Lahore, Pakistan, may recommend you a cream containing lactic acid or urea if you have highly dehydrated and scaly skin.

In addition, if you suffer from any severe skin diseases like atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, or psoriasis, the doctors of Dry Skin Dermatology Centre may suggest you some creams and ointments according to your skin health and condition.

Furthermore, dry skin causes dermatitis in some cases, further leading to red and itchy skin. The dry skin treatment in such patients includes the usage of hydrocortisone–containing lotions. The Dry Skin Dermatology Centre doctors may prescribe wet dressings to such individuals to help prevent infection in cases, particularly on the sites where skin cracks are open.

Diagnosis for Dry Skin Treatment

First, the best dermatologists of Lahore, Pakistan, serving at Dry Skin Dermatology Centre take your medical history and conduct a physical examination for you. During that examination, they gather information about your skin, including when you’re the dryness of your skin started and what is your current condition. They may also inquire about your bathing habits, your diet, what factors make it better or worse, and most importantly, how you care for your skin.

Moreover, for the diagnostic purpose, the dermatologists may also suggest some diagnostic tests to you to confirm the cause and extent of your skin dryness. The test results also let the doctor determine whether your dry skin results from any underlying medical condition like an underactive thyroid or not.

Dry Skin Treatment Medicine and Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals are the products that help activate potentials to bring about remarkable changes in the skin. The Cosmeceuticals involve both categories, “Pharmaceutical “and “Cosmetic” in them. These products remarkably penetrate deeper into the skin, where elastin and other cellular activities occur.

How do cosmeceuticals reduce dry skin?

Cosmeceuticals have unique ingredients, including vitamin C serum and Vitamin A. Both these combined nourish and thicken the skin for giving it a youthful and healthy look for an extended period.